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It starts with customer demand and ends with customer satisfaction

Founded in April 2022, Guangdong Boong Medical Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Dongguan Songshan Lake High-tech Zone, focusing on the research and development, design and manufacturing of scene intelligent solutions in the field of biomedical detection, providing customers with intelligent, digital, information management, data storage, collection and analysis technology. Set medical testing one-stop solution and service technology company.

With the business mission of "Let artificial intelligence achieve the beauty of medicine" and the business philosophy of "starting from customer demand and finally customer satisfaction", the company has successful application cases of domestic medical stem cell cultivation laboratory solutions and medical testing wisdom solutions.

70 %
Proportion of R&D personnel
100 +
Patents and software
10 +
Scene application
4 series
Meet the requirements of process automation in medical institution scenarios
Cultural idea
To make life science institutions simpler to manage and more efficient to operate
Enterprise mission
Let artificial intelligence achieve the beauty of medicine
To help life science institutions realize intelligence, improve the efficiency and accuracy of operation processes, turn the whole operation process into unmanned, reduce the risks and difficulties of operators and management, and make the operation of life science institutions more efficient.
Enterprise vision
Helping 10,000 medical institutions become intelligent
In the next 10 years, we hope to serve 10,000 customers through the formation of standardized high-quality products and solutions, comprehensively introduce artificial intelligence into the medical industry, and realize the comprehensive upgrade of medical operation process.
Core values
It starts with customer demand and ends with customer satisfaction
Sincere, dedicated, understand customer needs, use the experience and skills of the team, to provide customers with more than expected service and solve customers' practical problems. Everyone should be the master, work together, build the brand image with the pursuit of the ultimate craftsman spirit, and vow to be an intelligent benchmarking brand in the medical industry.
Development course
With the attitude of excellence to create quality products, the heart to create brand image

Business opportunity discovery


The stem cell breeding workstation was delivered successfully in January.

In April, the company was established and the client's angel round investment was completed.

The International Joint Stem Cell Research and Development Center was inaugurated in August.


In January, modular standard products of generic key technology R&D were implemented;

In March, Guangzhou Bioisland Laboratory equipment was delivered;

2023-2025 future biomedical scene leading technology enterprise.

Honor and qualification
Customer satisfaction results as the guidance, for the purpose of creating value for customers
In April 2022
Won the "11th China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition" award of excellence
In June 2022
Won the second prize of the 11th Governor's Cup Industrial Design Competition
In August 2022
Won the Grand Prize of "Artificial Intelligence and Medical Robot Category Competition of the 5th China Medical Device Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition"
In September 2022
It was awarded the outstanding enterprise of the "Medical and Health Special Event of the Annual Summit of the 2022 Entrepreneurship China Summit"
In October 2022
Qualified for the final of "The Fifth China-South Korea Innovation Competition Medical Device Special Competition"
In November 2022
Qualified for the final of "Golden Panda Global Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition"
In March 2023
Won the second prize of "The Second Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition of Heyuan City"
Cooperative partner
It starts with customer demand and ends with customer satisfaction