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Biological Sample Deep Low Temperature Fully Automatic Storage System

AI Life Database
The deep low-temperature storage system consists of an automated storage operation module and a flexible robot, providing a deep low-temperature environment of -196 ° C for the long-term storage of biological samples such as tissues, cells, RNA, and body fluids. And it can complete automated access operations for single tube or whole box samples in an environment of -150 ℃ inside the tank. The AI life database has genetic data and vital sign management, which can not only store a large number of cell samples such as immune cells and stem cells, but also It can also work closely with collaborative robots to achieve seamless integration between various workstations, and also support the integration of multiple laboratory management systems. At the same time, it also has a hierarchical permission management function, which enables traceability through the upper computer software system. Ensure that every step of the operation is traceable, ensuring the safety and traceability of the sample
Cellular storage
  • Picking up the management environment is safer

    The fully automatic can tube lifting design and automatic dehumidification design keep the system dry and free of frost and condensation, effectively avoiding mechanical failures caused by frost formation.

  • More intelligent access

    Supports scenarios such as whole storage and zero retrieval/zero storage and full retrieval, and has batch reservation sampling and fragmentation sorting functions.

  • More worry free docking

    It can seamlessly interface with AMR robots and deep low-temperature automated storage systems, achieving unmanned sample library management throughout the entire storage area.

  • Automatic storage and retrieval

    Reduced the probability of human error and cross contamination, avoiding risks such as exposure to sample temperature and personnel frostbite.

Accurate interpretation of personal whole genome information
Using advanced second-generation sequencing technology, sequencing and analyzing 3 billion bases in the human genome, and combining with the latest scientific research progress, providing personalized health advice, fertility guidance, medication advice, dietary advice, nutritional guidance, and other full life cycle health management plans based on individual genetic information.
Digital Life APP
  • Efficient and user-friendly operating experience

    Sample transfer and information recognition can be achieved through internal robotic arms, barcode scanners, and other devices, ultimately stored in a deep low-temperature storage environment, effectively ensuring the quality of sample storage.

  • Accurate control of the entire process of system management software

    The software system used in conjunction includes container management, sample management, sample source management, sample warning, and system management modules, achieving seamless integration and information recording throughout the entire process from sample collection to storage.

  • More intelligent regulation

    Digital Life APP, creating an artificial intelligence+information platform. The visual intelligent monitoring system facilitates real-time viewing of internal operating conditions and precise intervention.

  • More secure information

    Hierarchical permission management settings, supporting full process information tracing of sample access, flexible integration with multiple business systems, and improving management efficiency.

Option information

Deep low-temperature transfer drum

The vacuum structure design inside the barrel provides long-lasting deep and low temperature protection, allowing for real-time monitoring and display of internal temperature, ensuring the safety of incoming and outgoing samples. It can be used alone or in combination with base point automation equipment, and can maintain an environment of -150 ℃ for more than 20 hours.