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Ultra-clean engineering design and construction

The goal of Bogong Technology is to ensure the establishment of a scientific and strict sterile drug production environment, process, operation and management system, to maximize the elimination of all possible potential biological activity, dust, pyrogen pollution, the production of high quality and safe health drug products. Through the in-depth study of the production environment of biopharmaceutical customers and the accumulation of engineering experience, we clearly understand that the key in the production process of biopharmaceutical is the control of the environment, energy saving is the priority of our system program, the whole system meets the requirements of GMP and IS014644.IESTEN1822 international standard.

Bogong technology is committed to providing integrated plant construction design, environmental purification project overall solution, can be arranged according to the production process, the process is as short as possible, reduce the cross reciprocation, the flow of people, logistics is reasonable, equipped with functions and production scale.


Demand analysis
Scheme design
Production and manufacturing
Installation test
Program evaluation
Delivery and installation
Technical training
Scheme analysis
Environmental monitoring