Consumables and supporting equipment

Covering five major categories: cytology consumables, molecular biology consumables, general consumables, etc

Consumables and supporting equipment
The products cover five categories: cytology consumables, molecular biology consumables, general consumables, research reagents, and instruments (analytical instruments, laboratory equipment). The company focuses on cell culture consumables,The research and production of molecular diagnostic consumables, with a 100000 level dust-free manufacturing workshop, mature production processes, professional production equipment, and a core sales team, have accumulated rich experience in the field of biomedical consumables. By utilizing nano surface treatment technology, functional material improvement technology, and personalized design, we provide customers with universal products. Our company leads the continuous progress of biomedical consumables through large-scale, standardized, and personalized production.
QR code frozen storage tube
  • Diverse matching freezing storage boxes

    Multiple specifications such as high-density SBS, standard SBS, and square box are available for selection

  • Complete automation ecosystem

    Adapted to all automation equipment of BoGong Technology, supporting full process requirements such as ID recognition, opening and closing covers, and visual information labeling, with automatic and manual matching equipment to meet different usage scenarios

  • Medical grade manufacturing materials

    The tube body, tube cap, and color masterbatch are all medical grade raw materials, with more stable automation adaptation and blank side wall design, making it easy to customize visual information labeling

  • Structural optimization

    External rotating pipe cap design, larger volume at the same height, unique internal structure of pipe cap, greatly improving sealing effect

Code scanner series
  • Support various QR codes

    No additional settings required, automatically compatible with Datamatrix format black background white code, white background black code

  • Adapt to multiple models of frozen storage boxes

    Compatible with square freezer boxes, SBS format freezer boxes, and can also be read by a single tube

  • Decoding templates can be customized

    Customizable templates can adapt to different arrays

  • Flexible settings for exporting files

    Exporting files can change the header, export format, management position order, etc., and flexibly adapt to different upper computer systems

Automatic lid opener series
  • Innovative switch cover structure

    Unique O-Track structure, with a combination of opening and closing heads and pipe caps for more stable switching

  • Easy to operate

    The transparent outer shell of the opening part facilitates observation of the machine's condition, and the screen angle conforms to ergonomics, making it easy to operate

  • Strong adaptability

    Adaptable to Sinfo series 96 hole and 126 hole SBS cryopreservation box racks

  • Automated docking

    Can be connected to upstream and downstream automation processes through LIMS scheduling system, and can be connected to mechanical grippers

Option information

Deep low-temperature transfer drum

The vacuum structure design inside the barrel provides long-lasting deep and low temperature protection, allowing for real-time monitoring and display of internal temperature, ensuring the safety of incoming and outgoing samples. It can be used alone or in combination with base point automation equipment, and can maintain an environment of -150 ℃ for more than 20 hours.